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multifandom: 74 icons, 4 FO banners, 1 Love banner

[25] One Piece (spoilers for Arabasta)
[14] Bleach (spoilers manga cap 356)
[09] Starfighter comic (spoilers pag 42) (+yaoi, beware)
[08] Naruto (spoilers manga cap 364)
[12] MISC: [06] Blade of the Immortal, [04] Claymore, [01] Nana, [02] Final Fantasy VII (AC), [01] Death Note, [01] Ouran High School Host Club, [01] Eyeshield 21, [01] Model?, [01] xxxHOLiC.

Friends Only Banners: [02] One Piece, [02] Blade of the immortal
Love Banners: [01] Starfighter.

'cause I can't be your SupermanCollapse )

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*Textless icons are not bases.
*No hotlinking
*Enjoy them ^^

How to credit.
Tags: * fo banners, * icons, * love banners, animanga: blade of the immortal, animanga: bleach, animanga: claymore, animanga: death note, animanga: eyeshield 21, animanga: nana, animanga: naruto, animanga: one piece, animanga: ouran hshc, animanga: xxxholic, comic: starfighter, film: final fantasy vii: advent children, misc: models
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