born me, no, I can't change (samej) wrote in dokusoteki,
born me, no, I can't change

69 (heee) multifandom icon dump!

[14] Naruto (+1 FO banner)
[11] One Piece
[19] Kimi ni todoke
[08] Beelzebub
[10] Misc animanga (Bleach, DOGS, Ouran, Reborn!)
[07] Music: Pereza (+2 FO banners)

NARUTO (I spy a little obsession)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 XX XX

* Fanart Credits: #9 - 10rankai, coloring by me #10: radfel.


15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22
23 24 25 XX

Credit: #22 & #23 by ximerica.


26 27 28 29
30 31 32 33
34 35 36 37
38 39 40 41
42 43 44 XX


45 46 47 48
49 50 51 52


53 54 55 56
57 58 59 60
61 62 XX XX

Credit: Reborn icons from Glorious Revolution Doujinshi ;)


63 64 65 66
67 68 69 XX


(no text)

#14 won first place on week 61 @ dattebayo_still.

* I cannot remember all the fanart credits, please tell me if you know them!
* Comments are love.
* Please credit dokusoteki.
* Dont claim as yours and don't modify.
* Enjoy!
Tags: * fo banners, * icons, animanga: beelzebub, animanga: bleach, animanga: katekyô hitman reborn!, animanga: kimi ni todoke, animanga: naruto, animanga: one piece, animanga: ouran hshc, music: pereza
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Hermosos, taking one <3
creo que este fanart es de radfel, not 100% sure thou o.o


7 years ago

Me gusta mucho el banner de Naruto ^^
Y oh, qué guapo sale sasuke en el 9!!! Y dime quien está con el en el 10 porque ese fanart me ha gustado mucho *¬*
También me gusta el fanart del 11, pero no sé si ese efecto se lo has puesto tú o era del fanart, opino que sin el efecto habría quedado mejor *blushes*
Y el 4 mola porque sale Itachi con sasuke ^^, ya sabes que soy fan de itachi antes incluso de haberme leído naruto XDDDD

♥ Sasuke en el 9 es uno de mis favoritos :D Y el fanart del #10 es de radfel (que lo he encontrado xD) y está con Itachi en uno de mis fanarts favortios de ellos dos jajajaj

Nope, era del fanart y sip, yo también dudé en si subirlo o no ._.

Creo que me voy a robar un FO de los canijos.
Heeee roba que para eso están :)
ouuu i want KHR 63. will credit, may i?
Sure, enjoy! ;D
Yaoiness!! And Kimi ni Todoke!! Lovely icons!!!
Nice oness~ ^^

Borrowing KNT #10 =)

Definitely will credit.

Thanksss :D
sorryyy! typo, i meant #41 =)
love your icons!!
specially kimi no todoke!!
i'll grab.. hope its ok ^_^
Of course it's ok, thank you and enjoy them! :D
Took some Sasuke and the Jiraiya one. Thank you for your hard work!
Enjoy them! Thank you :)
The 9th Naruto one looks like official artwork.

Also, I can't tell if 6 is Sasuke with his Mangekyou or not ._.
sdfhks I know, I love that fanart *¬*

LOL, I'll check with the screenshot I used, but I think he is with the normal sharingan ♥

Number 39 is so adorable. ♥

Also, your icon. omfg claire.
Glad you like it, thanks!

yeeeeah, claire is my fav character in baccano ♥♥♥
Stole 15, because that is an amazing Franky face! Thanks!
Heee, Franky is an amazing character to icon :P

So glad you like them, thanks!
Er, I feel like a jerk for asking, but could you take down 54? It was made from my coloring, and I do ask that all edits of my icons/colorings are made for personal use only. I hope that as someone who requests "Dont claim as yours and don't modify," you understand.

Anyway, the reason I came here in the first place was to snag an 8059 icon, so thanks for that. I love Middle Range. <3
omg, sorry, I usually save the colorings with a note "not-icon" or sth so I avoid this to happen, will take it down, of course. I try to give also proper credit to all works I used, I forgot to add your name/entry to the credits (which I remember now that was my first intention, lol *fails*)

8059 is love ♥ Thank you and enjoy!


7 years ago

Took some of the Kimi ni Todoke icons~ will credit when used. :)
Thank you!
Waah que bonitos avatars 8059
*-* gracias por el aporte~
♥♥ Me alegra que te gusten, gracias y disfrútalos :D
beautiful icons!
Thank you!
Aw, adoro cómo te quedó el 23, los colores son geniales. Me lo robo. ♥
♥♥ gracias, disfrútalo!
¿El del 62 es Agon Kongo antes de tener rastas? xD Porque si no es, Dios, se parece demasiado!!

Me robo el 12 y el 15, están bien cheveres (:
Te refieres al 62 seguro? a los dos abrazados? El número del icono es el de encima eh? Si hablas del 58, es Kasanoda, de Ouran High School Host Club ♥

Y gracias, disfrútalos! :D
SUPER cute kimi ni todoke icons! i love the first one =]
Heee, thanks, enjoy :D
I'll be taking 21 and 25~ Will credit of course :)
hahaha omg your icon (osakaaaa ♥)

Glad you liek them, enjoy! :D
22 & 23 are made of a picture by Ximerika ^__^
omg, thanks so much! I will put the credit right now ♥♥


7 years ago

Hermosos iconos : D ♥
Muchas gracias!
I took 37. Thank you
Enjoy them :D
took 45&49 <3
Beel = <3

Snagged some, thanks! :)
Enjoy them :D
¡Que suerte tuve de encontrar tu comunidad! me encantaron todos tus icons, son excelentes pero mis favoritos fueron los ZoroxLuffy ^^
¡Sigue así!
:) Zoro/Luffy es lo mejor!! XD Muchas gracias, maja, disfrútalos!
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